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About Us
GiveAGift® began as a way to give gift choices rather than sending the traditional—not so useful or not so appreciated—gift.   The first season we tried it, there were less than a dozen gifts to choose from and we managed the whole thing through a manual process of email, ordering, & shipping.  After the first season of this "experiment," the feedback was overwhelming.  People loved the idea, and we’ve never looked back. 

Since that first year, we’ve increased the gift choices by over 200%, added thank-you note responses from the recipients to their senders, allowed personalization of notification emails, and much more.  Everything we have done and continue to do has been to better the experience and to make® the most memorable gift service for our customers and their recipients. Our goal is to ensure that your GiveAGift® experience is second to none!  "At® our main job is making sure your experience and your recipient’s experience happens as promised and when promised."

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